For this, three and a half minute, poetic piece I wrote, directed and designed a film about the bond between the Middle East and Asia. It tells the symbolic tale of an Arabian Falcon and a Koi Carp that travel from their own worlds to join each other. The visual style is inspired by Asian ink drawings. 

During an one-time event in Seoul, South Korea, the film was projected on a screen that was about 4 m high and 45 m wide, accompanied by a live performed musical score. 

Produced in an intense 6 week period, it was a real team effort and wouldn't have been possible without the hard work and talent of:

Bouwine Pool (animator)
Merel van der Broek (animator)
Elian van der Heiden (animator)
Nicole Derksen (animator, storyboard)
Mirte Tas (animator)
Ben Vinkenburg (animator)

Vincent van der Klaauw (compositor, look dev)
Otto Heinen (Compositor, simulation)
Dennis Groenendijk (compositor)
Tjalling Smilde (compositor)

Klaas Rowaan (producer)

Click the images to see the frames in their full super-wide glory.